1. Rally for Rangers

    04 Oct 2016

    Rally for Rangers Imagine crossing an immense, undeveloped, grassy plain. The sky is equally massive and a deep, glorious blue. Cloud fortresses make their way across, lending depth and captivating the senses. The route is a rough collusion of singletrack, often splitting wide and heading in many directions, occasionally, temporarily,…

  2. META

    03 Oct 2016

    ITALIA [joel] It’s something I’ve dreamt of for years. And it nearly happened once. A year into planning the “Big Trip”—taking my thumper all the way south to Argentina— I fell in love, resolve fell apart, and for more reasons than just her, it didn’t happen. I’ve never managed…

  3. Kokopelli

    22 Nov 2015

    Joe Cruz, Logan Watts, and Skyler Des Roches are something of a bikepacking dream team. Joe, a friend and neighbor from Brooklyn, is perhaps the world’s premier bikepacker. He spent a year pedaling Pakistan, Nepal, and Tibet in 2007, and rode his Pugsley the length of South America, to name…

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