1. Joe Cruz and the Evolution of Bikepacking

    13 Feb 2019

    *Originally published in Far Ride Magazine I wish that guy would put those gloves on me *** By the time he reaches Tibet, Joe Cruz is a machine. He has been riding the roads of northern Pakistan, India, and eastern China for over three months. Upon arrival in Lhasa, he…

  2. Southern Sierra Activism

    13 Feb 2019

    *Follow link to original post: In late September 2018 I traveled the length of California’s southern Sierra Nevada mountains photographing and interviewing environmental justice activists for California Wilderness Coalition (CalWild), in partnership with Peak Design. CalWild is a grassroots organization that builds coalitions to support permanent protection for California’s…

  3. Ploughgate Creamery: Vermont’s Cultured Butter

    27 Aug 2018

    See original story published here PLOUGHGATE CREAMERY: VERMONT’S CULTURED BUTTER AUGUST 20, 2018 • FILED IN: WAY OF LIFEAn average summer day at Ploughgate Creamery goes something like this: You’re up at quarter to six to start the churn. An hour later you’ve got golden butter and buttermilk (the latter…

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