1. Searching for the Snow Leopard

    2018-04-02 20:21:10 UTC

    *This article was originally published on Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line on August 29th 2017. Follow this link to view it there.  Searching for the Snow LeopardJoel Caldwell   |   Aug 29, 2017 March 11, Saidi Tagnob Conservancy, Zighar, Tajikistan Odina, a Tajik ranger from the Saidi Tagnob Conservancy, squats alongside the…

  2. Rally for Rangers

    2016-10-04 14:15:00 UTC

    Rally for Rangers Imagine crossing an immense, undeveloped, grassy plain. The sky is equally massive and a deep, glorious blue. Cloud fortresses make their way across, lending depth and captivating the senses. The route is a rough collusion of singletrack, often splitting wide and heading in many directions, occasionally, temporarily,…

  3. META

    2016-10-03 20:23:00 UTC

    ITALIA [joel] It’s something I’ve dreamt of for years. And it nearly happened once. A year into planning the “Big Trip”—taking my thumper all the way south to Argentina— I fell in love, resolve fell apart, and for more reasons than just her, it didn’t happen. I’ve never managed…

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