1. A Pedal Through the Prairie

    2022-12-14 18:46:34 UTC

    *Originally published on Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line The vast prairies east of the Rockies occupy a strange space in the American consciousness. For some, they’re defined by nostalgic cowboy tropes and the Old West; for others, endless, purely functional fields of wheat or soybeans come to mind.For most, however, they’re…

  2. Wolf • Water • People

    2022-12-14 17:54:01 UTC

    *Originally published in Modern Huntsman, Vol III I am following a web of game trails, criss-crossing through a maze of moss-covered boulders in a mature juniper woodland. Each step lands soundlessly, sinking into spongy grass and soft, wet soil. A giant Hagenia extends upwards, its pale, peeling bark glowing in…

  3. Eco-Conscious Lowcountry Road Trip

    2021-07-06 13:01:05 UTC

    View the original post of Subaru Drive’s website here South Carolina’s barrier islands are home to beautiful beaches and vital marshland, offering refuge to a remarkably diverse set of waterfowl, turtles and fish. On a family road trip, writer and photographer Joel Caldwell explores the area’s unique ecosystem and the…

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