1. Montauk Brewing Company

    27 Aug 2018

    See original published story here MONTAUK BREWING COMPANY JULY 10, 2018 • FILED IN: TRADE STORIES This spring I made the drive from New York City to the beach town of Montauk. The 120-mile drive took three hours and spanned the entire length of Long Island—long island indeed. As…

  2. Searching for the Snow Leopard

    02 Apr 2018

    *This article was originally published on Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line on August 29th 2017. Follow this link to view it there.  Searching for the Snow LeopardJoel Caldwell   |   Aug 29, 2017 March 11, Saidi Tagnob Conservancy, Zighar, Tajikistan Odina, a Tajik ranger from the Saidi Tagnob Conservancy, squats alongside the…

  3. Rally for Rangers

    04 Oct 2016

    Rally for Rangers Imagine crossing an immense, undeveloped, grassy plain. The sky is equally massive and a deep, glorious blue. Cloud fortresses make their way across, lending depth and captivating the senses. The route is a rough collusion of singletrack, often splitting wide and heading in many directions, occasionally, temporarily,…

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